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The MediastinumOverview • The mediastinum is the area centrally located between the right and left pleural cavities. • The mediastinum can be broadly divided into superior and inferior compartments. The Superior Mediastinum* is a space for structures to pass between the head/neck and the thorax. The Inferior Mediastinum* comprises the anterior, middle, and posterior sub-compartments. – Anterior mediastinum comprises connective and fatty tissue that protect the deeper structures. – Middle…

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Femur Head • Articulates with acetabulum of the os coxa of the pelvis • Fovea capitis is attachment site for the ligament of the head of the femur Neck • Connects femoral head and shaft • Vulnerable to fracture Greater and lesser trochanters • Arise from junction of femoral shaft and neck; sites for muscle attachment • Greater trochanter arises laterally • Lesser trochanter arises medially • Intertrochanteric line (anteriorly) and intertrochanteric crest (posteriorly) extend between greater…

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When I was trying to learn the external and internal anatomy of the renal system, I mainly referred to my textbook and slide outlines because they provided me with many visual diagrams. The slide outlines for the chapter 24 provided some basic information that described the different characteristics and internal layers of the organs. Since I am a visual learner, the diagrams were amazing in helping me understand the placement of the organs in the body. Our lab dissection was where the light…

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