Guided reading levels

Discover the best guided reading levels for your child's reading development. Explore a wide range of books and resources to help your child improve their reading skills.
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I use the Fontas & Pinnell (F&P) Reading Level Chart. This chart is great because it breaks the school year into quarters and where your child should be at those months. This one below is a little different than the one above. This one has each month of the school year, not just broken into quarters. Mrs. K ♥

Mrs. Klein
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I've had many questions about guided reading! Let me start by saying, I'm NO expert. I am still working on it myself! But, I do have some things I've learned that I'd love to share with you...and I'm not taking credit for these ideas. :) I just blog about em'! 1. Levels/Planning Once you establish the level of each of your students, you'll want to check out {this} printable. It has helped me SO much! This printable tells me what I need to work on with each level {I did not create this…

Lee Ann