Half orc drawing

Explore stunning half orc drawing ideas to unleash your creativity and bring your imagination to life. Get inspired and start sketching your own unique half orc characters today.
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Orcs are known—and feared—for their ability to interbreed with humans. The offspring of a human and an orc is known as a half-orc. Strongly influenced by their orc heritage, they are unwelcome strangers in much of Athas. Though they might live within either culture that spawned them, they belong to neither and are often forced to find their own way in the world. Fortunately, surviving is something half-orcs do very well. Half-orcs tend to be short-tempered and sullen. They would rather act…

Endy Williams

Commission of @nadiaravenscroft‘s precious bby Nadia (the baby tusks omg <333)

Lilla Tova