Harvest season

Celebrate the harvest season with these captivating ideas that will inspire you to embrace the beauty of nature and create unforgettable memories.
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~ Inspiration from the Farm ~

Joan & I have been hooking our large-cut jarrahdale pumpkins {well, they are torn strips actually...ok, torn & hand-cut.} Our 1-inch-plus strips were torn first, then cut in half, so I really don't even know what width they are ...just all different! I drew them out for us on linen, they are approx. 15" across. Joan's is almost all hooked and I'll see hers Saturday when she comes out to the shop. this is mine, all hooked and ready to be 'finish-finished' ~ below. not sure if it will be a…

Harvest Sunset...love this time of year...but not as much as he loves tractors...  :) Farmer Harvesting Photography, Harvest Photoshoot, Farmland Landscape, Farming Photography, Farmer Photography, Farmer Life, Iowa Farms, Barn Photography, Combine Harvester

How to Improve Your Landscape Photography

Landscapes are amongst the most popular subjects for photography, and with some of the best scenery to be found in the U.K, it’s not surprising why. Many of us enjoy a day out in the countryside, and to take along the camera is often second nature. Coming back with some nice record shots can be […]

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