Hazelnut bread

Indulge in the irresistible taste of homemade hazelnut bread. Explore our collection of mouthwatering recipes and start baking today!
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Hazelnut Bread Recipe (by Bien Cuit Bakery)

Some may argue bread is at its best when it's simple—flour, water, salt, yeast. While fermentation alone can work wonders, this bread packed with hazelnuts has such an incredible flavor well beyond what a basic bread can achieve. The milk adds just the right amount of fat to make this bread work with more sweet flavors like honey and fruit preserves, as well as more savory flavors like salt, butter, and cheese. But don't get the wrong idea that this bread needs some accompaniment. It's easy…

Meg O'Connor
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Banana-Hazelnut Bread

I am back with yet another banana bread recipe! This time, the special ingredient is hazelnut and it might just be the best one yet. When I saw it in the latest edition of Milk Street Journal, I had knew to make it. I love Milk Street because not only are there amazing recipes from all over the world, there are also back stories on each one of them. This recipe for banana-hazelnut bread was crafted by Ruth Barry who grew up in the Scottish highlands. All her childhood, she found herself in…

Alicia G