Herbal jelly

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I LOVE red clover!! When I was little, my Great Aunt would pick them and we would sit in the field watching clouds eating the sweet nectar out of the flowers. We have a lot of it growing here, but I only get to make one or two batches a year. I don't want to take away too much for the bees! PLEASE NOTE: I have read in several places that ingesting red clover could be harmful if you are on blood thinners or already have thin blood. Please consult with your doctor before consuming any kind of…

Sheri Conell
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I made some herbal jelly and it is a lot better than the already made one from the stores. What is herbal jelly and why is it good for you? Gui ling gao is translated as tortoise jelly. But not to worry as there is no turtle parts in the ingredients. Maybe back in the old days they do but not now as it is illegal to use turtle. The herbal jelly is made out of different herbs and flowers. It help nourish our yin and clear body heat while resolve blood toxin. Also specially effective on…

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