Hexagon crochet

Explore a variety of creative hexagon crochet ideas and patterns to enhance your crochet skills. Get inspired to create beautiful and unique hexagon crochet projects for yourself or as gifts for loved ones.
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Learn how to crochet a completely solid granny hexagon without any gaps, not even at the corners! If you're looking for a solid hexagon pattern that does not have any holes, this the right pattern for you. Easy to make, you can customize its size and you can crochet it with any yarn. Perfect for honeycomb blankets, rugs, etc. Tap on the pin for the free pattern!

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Stevenson's Treasure Island Crochet Blanket | AllFreeCrochetAfghanPatterns.com

Join Jim Hawkins on an adventure of a lifetime with Stevenson's Treasure Island Crochet Blanket. We love the look of this blanket that reminds us of the ocean lapping at the shoreline and even looks a little like an unburied treasure chest filled with gold. This pattern includes a picture tutorial of how to crochet hexagons, if you need to learn or need a refresher. You'll love the contrast between colors and how well they seem to fit together. Be ready for some great compliments on this…

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a collage of pictures showing crochet hexagons crocheted with different stitches and in different yarn colors Crochet Squares, Crochet, Amigurumi Patterns, Diy, Crochet Hexagon Blanket, Hexagon Crochet Pattern, Granny Square Hexagon, Crochet Hexagon, Granny Squares Pattern

Learn how to crochet hexagons with these free patterns! Hexagons are one of the basic geometric shapes which we can easily reproduce using crochet. Since they have 6 sides, the math for crocheting a hexagon is very simple and usually starts with 6 or 12 stitches, and each round will grow by multiples of 6. Hexagon motifs are great for crocheting blankets, cushions, coasters, and other home decor projects, bags, scarves and shawls, garments, Amigurumi and toys, and so much more…

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Crochet Patterns to Try: Free Crochet Pattern and Instructions for Anthropology Pullover - Picture Based

Hello darlings… So…the famous and beloved Anthropology pullover… :) I am not a fan of creating patterns without a chart , especially when it comes to famous brands that employ cheap labor for the crochet items they sell… but once again I am making an exception. Yes…I am obsessed too with this particular pullover hence my understanding for your numerous requests for a pattern. Since the item is no longer available for sale on the original site, this pattern is MY BEST GUESS on how this…

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