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ArtStation - Man in the High Castle s2 - Volkshalle Interior (ep 201, 210), Ben McDougal Architecture, Scene, Interior, High Castle, Fantasy Places, Castle, Hollow Earth, Building, The Panthéon

The Volkshalle interior from Amazon's Man in the High Castle, season 2. I was an artist for Theory Studios, so my responsibilities for these shots encompassed materials, textures, modeling, scene management/optimization, and render management. I texured a large portion of the final scene, including the arcade, altar area, and dome. I modeled a number of assets too, primarily filler detail such as the portable braziers on the ground level, the railings, parts of the altar, seating areas…

Alissa & Josiah Yarbrough
History, Geography, Man, Deutschland, Historia, Map, High Fantasy, America, Ww2 Photos

Description This is going to be a new map series of mine, my cover of the world in the ‘Man in the High Castle’. I’ve been wanting to do a classic old-school alternate Axis victory more recently, i’ve grown bored of a typical axis victory scenarios such as the Reich vs. America and the USA winning and the Reich falling or a world divided between American, Japanese, and Germans camps. What i’m talking about is an Axis ruled America and dandy tech allowing for Nazis on the moon in the 1950s…

wyatt laing
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