Homemade lip balm

Discover how to create your own homemade lip balm using natural ingredients. Pamper your lips with a moisturizing and nourishing balm that you can customize to your liking.
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My goal when I set out to make homemade lip balm, was to create a recipe that was SO hydrating and nourishing that I only needed to use it one time a day, or twice at the most on really cold days or when I'd been outside a lot. AND I'VE DONE IT! Get the recipe here!

Monique Barnes
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This will make around 6 small lip balm tubes – a little goes a long way with lip balm! This is a pink coconut oil beeswax lip balm recipe - if want it pink too, you can add a pinch of pink mica or I discuss alternative coloring below.

Mckensey Lavin