Homeschool reading curriculum

Discover the best homeschool reading curriculum to help your child develop strong reading skills. Explore top resources and techniques to make reading engaging and enjoyable for your homeschooling journey.

Teaching a child to read should be a joyful experience! We are going back to basics with Charlotte Mason reading lessons beginning with sight reading. Find out how to choose reading material and build a framework for your lessons and get your child reading!

Sarah Altemus
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I struggled with reading when I was younger. It was one of my least favorite things to do. I would check off my reading log a fraction of the time I was actually supposed to. All of the beautiful classics that almost everyone read when they were in school and enjoyed reading in their free time, were not read by me when I was younger. Why? I can tell you a laundry list of reason but what I think it really boils do to is the lack of interest. Books just simply weren’t fun for me to read…

Jennifer Whalen