Homeschooling multiple ages

Discover effective strategies to homeschool multiple ages and create a successful learning environment. Find ideas to engage and educate your children of different ages and interests.
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Would you like to know what the homeschool schedule of a large family looks like? Follow us for a day in our life and walk with us through our routine of chores, learning, and play to see how we mange by keeping it simple!

Isabel Gossett
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Large family dynamics are often misunderstood. I know I had a hard time understanding from the outside. It took a few years for me to discover that, while this lifestyle comes with numerous challenges, it also comes with the equipment to overcome them all. What it takes is ... Read More...

Jennifer Shin
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There are two idyllic pictures in the homeschool world: the peaceful mom reading aloud to all of her children as they snuggle on the couch beside her; and the peaceful mom sitting at a table, moving between each child, gently explaining, discussing, and encouraging. Neither of these visions...