Horse archery

Learn the ancient skill of horse archery and experience the thrill of shooting arrows from the back of a galloping horse. Discover top tips and techniques to become a skilled horse archer and embrace the spirit of the warrior within you.
Meet our Ambassador: Hilary Merrill, Pro Horse Archer | Decathlon Dressage, Horse Girl, Horse Riding, Equestrian, Croquis, Best Positions, Riding, Horseback Riding, Endurance Saddles

Hilary mid-action practicing mounted archery, photo captured by Kim Hawkins Modern sportsmanship often includes a fusion of different sports, mixing coordination and skills across different crafts. Meet Hilary Merrill, a Californian who has been training mounted archers and performing leatherwork for four years. Get inspired and hear about Hilary's journey through mounted archery, a mix of archery and horseback riding! How did you start out in horse archery? I was introduced to horse archery…

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