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Find the perfect horse hay for your equine companion. Discover the best options to ensure your horses stay healthy and happy. Make the right choice for their nutrition and overall well-being.
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WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT HORSE HAYAdapted from eXtension HorseQuest Articles and News and My Horse University Horse Nutrition Online Course Authors: • Dennis Cash, Montana State University • Ashley Griffin, University of Kentucky • Jennifer Nadeau, University of Connecticut • Christine Skelly, Michigan State University In this issue: • Choose the Right Hay for Your Horses • Evaluating Horse Hay • Hay Analysis: Its Importance and Interpretations CHOSE THE RIGHT HAY FOR YOUR HORSECh

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Horses love to eat…and eat…and eat. As natural grazers, most of their day is spent nibbling grasses. If your horse doesn’t have access to fresh grass, it is important to provide him with good quality, clean hay. But how much hay should you feed your horse? After consulting several veterinary […]

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How do you select the right hay to feed your horse? Certain hays are better depending on your horse’s activity level, health status and nutritional needs. Read more: Horses evolved as grazing animals that survive by eating large volumes of fibrous plants. They derive energy and nutrients from these plants through extensive fibre fermentation

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