Hot glue art

Discover the world of hot glue art and unleash your creativity. Get inspired by these unique and beautiful hot glue art ideas to create your own masterpieces.
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Getting into crafting can be quite intimidating, especially when the time comes to learn about all the different types of glue that crafters use. It’s okay if you’re a little wary of your hot glue gun, but that strange crafty acquaintance will be your best friend once you get to know it! Does hot glue stick to glass? Does hot glue stick to plastic? Does hot glue stick to wax paper? What does hot glue NOT stick to? Here you’ll find answers to all your questions about the power of the almighty…

Susan Brown
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Hot Glue Waterfall: Hello everyone and welcome to my seventh instructable! Hot glue is a very versatile material that can be used in various ways, other than obviously for gluing.One of its characteristics is that, once dried, it is very similar to water and this makes…

Rebecca Jimenez