How to be self sufficient

Discover how to be self-sufficient and take control of your life. Explore tips and ideas to live sustainably, reduce your dependence on external resources, and create a more resilient future.
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What is self-sufficiency? The definition is needing no outside help in satisfying one's basic needs, especially with regard to the production of food. Over the years, I’ve read many books and articles claiming that food self-sufficiency is possible on a quarter acre. From my own experience, I have to say I disagree. So how much space is necessary to be self-sufficient in regards to food? I hope to enlighten you to a more reality based self-sufficient garden space needs based on experience.

Rebecca Grant Debelak
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This step by step guide will help you take the necessary steps towards reaching your self sufficiency and homesteading goals. This easy to read blog post will teach you how to become more self-sufficient everyday. Learn how to be more self sufficient through an old fashioned homesteading lifestyle. Survivalists and preppers trust the same homesteading skills to boost independence.