How to cook rutabaga

Learn how to cook rutabaga with these delicious recipes and cooking tips. Discover new ways to enjoy this versatile and healthy vegetable in your meals.
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The vegetable known as Swede, or rutabaga in the US, is related to turnips. Although described as a root vegetable, it is not a true root, but the bulbous base of the plant's stem. While it comes in white fleshed varieties, the type commonly sold commercially has yellow flesh that intensifies in hue when cooked. With a sweeter taste than turnips Swede is especially suited to roasting, braising, pureeing, and mashing.

Deidre Flippen
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I asked the kids what produce we should do this week and kid number 2 said “rutabaga.” He just likes the word, but rutabaga it is. I happen to think rutabaga is a fun word too and I love adding it to soups. Used in moderation it adds a delightfully savory flavor but let’s not...

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