How to make strawberry topping for cheesecake

Learn how to make the perfect strawberry topping for your cheesecake. Try these mouthwatering recipes and take your dessert to the next level.

This strawberry cheesecake has a light and creamy base topped with a delicious strawberry topping made of fresh strawberries and lemon juice! Read on for detailed tips on how to make the best strawberry cheesecake!

Brittany Chambers
Delicious Recipe: How To Make Strawberry Glaze At Home - Cake Decorist

Strawberry glaze is used in so many recipes but it is well known that sauces can be one of the most challenging components when it comes to baking. I’ve used this tried and true quantities for every kind of occasion and recipe. My favorite is using it to top some cheesecake. I also love pouring it on top of a strawberry tart to make it glossy. My family loves the look!

Paulette Taylor