How to organize earrings

Discover practical tips and tricks on how to effectively organize your earrings. Find creative storage solutions to keep your earrings easily accessible and tangle-free.
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I know it wasn't that long ago I shared what I thought was the best new way to organize my earrings... well I might have spoken too soon!! Earring Organizer Hanger // Earring Organizer Box Well well well... we're back! If you remember back in February of this year, I shared the best new way I was organizing my earrings. And while it was awesome for about a month or two, I found myself reverting back to my old ways and just shoving them all into a large box to riffle through when I needed…

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In one of our previous posts, we talked about our FaceBook store, The Raven’s Nest. If you did not read that post, we hand make jewelry among other things. All of our jewelry is one of a kind, handmade with real stones and metals. We rarely use plastics or acrylics unless the centerpiece is a

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