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Explore the art of human photography and discover unique ideas to capture the true essence of humanity. From candid moments to creative compositions, find inspiration to bring your photography skills to the next level.
The Special Bond Between Humans And Animals Portrayed By Steve Mccurry Ale, Pose Reference, Portrait, Pose Reference Photo, Poses, Photo Reference, Photo, Fotos, Dieren

From the moment humans first tamed animals about 10,000 years ago, animals have played a big role in people's lives. Even though at first domestic animals were used for meat, milk, and hides, as time passed, humans realized that they are not just food but living and breathing creatures. They began to see them as their friends who would accompany them while hunting, traveling, or guarding their homes. However, there was always something special but complex in the relationship between humans…

Rosemary Murphy
The Incredible Bond Between Animals And People In The Magical Photography Of Anastasiya Dobrovolskaya (99 Pics) Cosplay, Red Hair, Portrait, Pose, Beautiful, Poses, Beautiful People, Photo Reference, Fotos

Moscow-based photographer Anastasiya Dobrovolskaya is not your typical "pet photographer." Her trademark photos look like something out of a fairytale, but everything is real—from beautiful and unique people to breathtaking landscapes, and a variety of animals you wouldn't expect to pose alongside people. Foxes, tigers, owls, snakes, horses, goats, anything you can think of is featured in Dobrovolskaya's incredible portfolio, including the most-wanted bear model, Stepan, who was rescued as a…

camillo saracen