Humanoid creatures

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What are Mothmen? Click here to read their story: Mothmen are an open species, this means you can make and sell your own -> Character for sale on DeviantArt: AI generated + repainted

Creature Concept Art, Creature Design, Creature Art, Fantasy Character Design, Character Concept, Character Art, Avian Humanoid Character Design, Fantasy Creatures Art, Mythical Creatures Art

Generally more lithe and slender, these creatures exist as experienced hunters, highly dexterous in their movements and drawing many into gaze on them with their long plumage. They tend to reflect their plane in their colors, with lighter colors reflecting a Lawful nature and darker hues leaning them more Chaotic. Beings of neutral standing can be either, though rarely ever will you see an Ardaeli with an over-saturated coat. Their feathers stop just above their knees, giving way to leathery…

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