Ikebana sogetsu

Discover the art of Ikebana Sogetsu and create stunning floral arrangements for your home. Explore top ideas to bring harmony and beauty to your living space with this traditional Japanese art form.
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In spite of the cold wintery weather 27 members of the Chapter and 3 visitors attended the Saturday afternoon workshop on 13th July. The leader of the workshop was Chieko Yazaki, the head of the Shogetsudokoryu School in Melbourne. The theme she chose was arrangements using Aspidistra leaves. These leaves are the traditional material used in classical Seika arrangements which are the signature style of the Shogetsudokoryu School. Chieko demonstrated the basic Seika style with five leaves and…

Gloria Louie
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This week I gave some of my students the Sogetsu curriculum exercise of making an arrangement using 'Fresh and Unconventional Material'. Unconventional in this context means anything other than fresh, dried or coloured botanical materials. It includes man-made synthetic materials, processed botanical materials or other inorganic materials. The Sogetsu curriculum has a number of exercises in which the student is required to use man-made objects in ways for which they were not necessarily…

joyce Kotake-Seo
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In our first week before attending the workshops we travelled to the north of the northern island of New Zealand, including the famous Bay of Islands area. After the workshops I felt I could not leave New Zealand without going to Rotarua, the area that is very geo-thermally active. The geyser called Pohutu was astonishing, the roar of boiling water being shot 20 meters in to the air was really loud. These phenomena are totally bizarre to someone who comes from a part of the world that is not…

Joanne Menke
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One of the most natural, aesthetic, simple, and pleasing floral arrangements, ikebana focuses on the harmony between the elements and their connection with nature. It comprises beautiful flower arrangements and is characterized by the principles of minimalism, simplicity, asymmetry, structure, shape, line, peace, nature, humanity, form, and aesthetics.