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Enhance the beauty of your floral arrangements with unique Ikebana vases. Discover a wide selection of vases that will add an elegant touch to your home decor and inspire your creativity.
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Interested in Japanese Ikebana but don't know where to start? This started kit comes with everything you need except for the fresh flowers. Included in the kit: 1 kenzan, 1 bowl, and 1 needle straightening tool. Good for practice or small arrangements. Pretty ceramic bowl, 6.7inch diameter and 1.6inch height. Your Ikebana flower arrangements will look elegant and beautiful in this shallow vase. #flowers #ikebana #ad #beginner

Elizabeth Sandford

Wooden Ikebana Ga Kenzan flower arranger. This piece is hand crafted from solid wood. It comes with a removable 3" black rimmed cup and kenzan, (florist frog). The beauty of this ikebana ga, (moth), flower arranger is that a few simple cuttings, twigs, or single flower from the garden can create a beautiful table accent or centerpiece. This piece can be purchased in Cherry, Walnut, Maple, Jatoba, or with a Yaki Sugi finish, (traditional Japanese burnt wood),finish. We have recently added…

Orchid Kim
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A moribana arrangement featuring dogwood and Stargazer lily.Check out these newly listed vases and our array of display stands at the IkebanaDreaming collection on Etsy. This Ohara-style vase is a must if you're practicing moribana using a kenzan. The word moribana means "piled up flowers." In an arrangement, it typically features one or more clusters meant to echo the relationship between water and flora in the natural world. Moribana requires a vase with a broad expanse and organic shapes…

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