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Lisa Hsia is unlike the studio artists we have shared in the recent past. Actually, Lisa has no studio at all! She is a traveler and her art has to be portable. She takes her work with her out into the world, documenting in words and illustrations what she observes. Now if you think Lisa limits her work to the Oakland, California (US) area where she currently lives, you are quite mistaken. Lisa truly does travel and a few years ago she found herself in a variety of cities around the world…

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Hang on to your hats, Pandas, because you’re in for a storm full of hilarious cat pics and memes. And there’s no way to avoid it—you’ve got to embrace the floofiness and welcome the mysterious meow-meows into your heart. The Council of the Illumeownati demands it. (Yes, even you dog-lovers will have to at least pretend you’re with the program.)

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There's a Facebook page called Important Animal Images and it's glorious. As the name suggests, it's all about pictures every animal lover just has to see. Like a dog coming out of a mud puddle looking like a hippo. Or a frog peeking out from inside a sink. You know, the essentials.

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Visit to learn best cat facts, cat tips, pet cat care tips & tricks, cat behavior & signs, cat health and all you need to learn about cat breeds, orange cats, white persian cats, fluffy, balck cats. Cat lovers, cat mom, cat dad & pet cat owners know how to get a cat out of tree because whether cute cats, funny cats, super cute kittens, baby cats, silly cats or cute kitties, they all land themselves in trouble, giving us best cat memes, cat icon, cute cat pictures & cat…

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