Indian face

Enhance your natural beauty with these stunning Indian face makeup ideas. Discover tips and tricks to create a flawless look that highlights your unique features.

Meeting people from different cultures and understanding that you're both unique yet also the same really broadens your horizons. Yet most of us can't travel to all the corners of the world. However, just because we can't shake hands with a person from a distant place doesn't mean we can't get introduced to these beautiful people as well. Enter professional photographer Magdalena Bagrianow.

Cristina Flores
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Happiness? Was a word that left Roohi Shekhawat's life long ago. She was the diamond nobody took notice of in the pile of coal. She shone brighter than the eyes of a common man can take notice. Perfection was a word for her. Until, A someone saw her worth, in a good way or a bad? Rudram Mannan was a man who was in a fight with the world and himself. A man is obsessed with everything he owns. Determined to have all. No boundaries, no conscience. He wants it. He owns it. Roohi was suffering in…

Manoj Kumar