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Explore the versatility of indigo cloth in fashion and home decor. Discover unique ways to incorporate this timeless fabric into your wardrobe and interior design for a touch of elegance and sophistication.
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Washed and ready to use indigo Mud Cloth from West Africa. This is a very nice vintage piece with two striped patches. (Visible mending)Appropriate as a throw, for display, or make into one of a kind pillows. Hand hemmed at length ends. Classic Shibori tie-dyed stripes and dots.This is a denim-like

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Indigo. This is a large tye dye indigo from Mali. This vintage mud cloth is an African ethnic fabric. This African indigo has a boho feeling. it looks like a Shibori cloth or an indigo ethnic cloth. It can be used as textile art. It is a natural dye. Vintage textile. Bògòlanfini or bogola meaning "mud cloth" is a handmade Malian cotton fabric traditionally dyed with mud. It has an important place in traditional Malian culture and has, more recently, become a symbol of Malian cultural…

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Hand-dyed cotton prints from The Gambia The simple graphic depictions of African imagery have a wonderful naif feel. They are all created by our friend Musa Jaiteh in his family compound in Sukuta. Musa uses stitching, tying and wax stamping to create a resist before hand-dyeing with kola nut and indigo. All fabrics are 100% cotton, either damask or a light plain weave, as indicated. Note about colour: Because Musa's fabrics are all hand-dyed, there may be slight variations between batches…

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Adire textile with a checkerboard of rectangles, each filled with pattern reserved in white on a deep indigo blue ground. The patterns include checkerboards, lattices, herringbones, pinwheels, trees, flowers and leaves, and other unidentifiable figural forms. The textile is composed of two widths of fabric stitched together in the center; the two pieces are identical in their patterning, but have been arranged in opposite orientations.

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L'indigo...J'adore cette couleur! Vous saviez que ce mot vient du latin indicum qui signifie Inde?Le bleu indigo véritable est à l'origine dérivé de la guède - aussi appelée le pastel des teinturiers - une plante très