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Discover proven strategies to prevent injuries and keep yourself safe. Learn how to protect yourself and take proactive steps to avoid accidents.
Does foot type, like high or flat arches, and over pronation impact injury rates? What about shoe type - traditional shoes versus minimalist shoes? This site examines the research on the impact of footwear and foot type on injury Fitness, Injury Prevention, Foot Problem, Foot Health, Foot Type, Feet Care, Foot Pain, Poor Posture, Foot Arches

“Always Evolve” – one of my favourite valedictions used by esteemed physical therapist and blogger Mike Scott, DPT at the end of posts in his weekly series “Educainment.” Running has certainly seen some evolution of thought over the last few years, much of it following the publication in May 2009 of Christopher McDougal’s best seller

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How to Prevent Back Spasms - pictured man carrying briefcase expressing back pain Back Spasms Causes, Injury Prevention, Chiropractic Therapy, Good Posture, Physiotherapy, Pain Relief, Physical Health, Poor Posture, Spinal Surgery

Back spasms and back pain are quite common and one of the top reasons why people may seek medical help. Various factors could cause a back spasm, including muscle injuries or strains, poor posture, age, or other underlying conditions. Luckily, many preventative methods help prevent back spasms – read below to find out.

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Easy and essential post-wod stretches – Blonyx Exercises, Fitness Workouts, Fitness, Yoga, Fitness Tips, Workout Programs, Workout Plan, Exercise, Stretching Exercises

What's your favorite cool down activity? Athletes use everything from rowing to foam rolling to ease their muscles out of a killer training session into recovery mode. We believe two things are essential post-workout: carbs and stretching! Check out these easy-peasy stretches you can work into your daily routine.

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