Jerry uelsmann

Explore the mesmerizing world of photography through the stunning works of Jerry Uelsmann. Discover his unique techniques and artistic vision that have made him a renowned name in the photography industry.
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(AMERICAN, 1934 - 2022) Making complex, multi-image allegories with sophisticated multiple-printing techniques, Uelsmann’s work contradicts the essential information we have come to expect from photographs. His photographic montages are ambiguous and dream-like, eliciting response from every viewer

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'Aucassin Seeks for Nicolette' - Maxfield Parish 1903 Froggy Fiddler -- Luis Alberto Quispe Aparicio Dreamscapes in the arts Every night when we sleep, we are reminded that there is more to our consciousness then what we perceive with our real time perception. During sleep a totally random menu of involuntary dreamscapes gets served up, presenting dream vistas that aren't locked into a linear time frame and can shift rapidly. Maybe our imagination gets revitalized during sleep, being…

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