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Discover the rich and diverse beliefs of Judaism. Gain a deeper understanding of Jewish traditions, rituals, and philosophies, and explore how they shape the lives of millions of people worldwide.
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A Reading List for Jewish Conversion - Heidi Slowinski

The Choice to Convert The choice to convert to Judaism is a deeply personal one. Whether you’re exploring this path because of a personal calling or a desire to share a faith with someone you love, it is ultimately a path you will walk alone. When I made the decision, myself, three years ago, I […]

Listing of the books of the Old Testament in the traditional Jewish order of the scriptures (also known as the TaNaKh). Jewish Bible Study, Torah Study Journal, Tanakh Book, Old Testament Reading Plan, Jewish Conversion, The Bible Project, Books Of The Old Testament, Hebrew Scriptures, Bible Genealogy

Handy Reference Guide for the Organization & Order of the Hebrew Scriptures (The TaNaKh)

I recently came across a helpful Old Testament reading plan by The Bible Project based on the traditional Jewish order of the scriptures (also known as the TaNaKh). This was what Jesus would have read and referenced during his life and teachings. (He even subtly references this in the Gospel

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