John f carlson

Discover the captivating art of John F. Carlson and delve into his unique style and techniques. Explore a collection of his masterpieces and gain insights into his artistic journey.
The Paintrist Files : Photo Nature, Impressionism, Tumblr, Oil Paintings, Night Paintings, American Impressionism, Night Painting, Paintings I Love, Winter Landscape

The Paintrist Files: Photo

This Tumblerblog has info on paintings, art etc. Paintrist is a combination of Artist and Painter. I love art in all its forms but being a painter myself i stick to paintings. List of TagsTags are an easy way to navigate through a Tumblr. Lists of Paintrist by country List I: Argentina to Israel List II: Italy to USA Lists of Paintrist by Ism List III: Pre-historic to Peredvizhnikil List IV: Impressionism to abstract expressionism General Info info on art biographies museum theory…