Jump animation

Add excitement and energy to your project with creative jump animations. Explore top ideas to bring your characters and designs to life with dynamic jumping movements.
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Hi guys! Please continue to work on your running and jumping animations. HanJun, -Please be sure to add more key poses to your animation. I would like to see the hands and feet really connect to the surfaces they are pushing off of. Watch as many references as you can and observe how these parkour moves work. -Work on speeding up your run. -Simplify your camera. I think you may only need two shots. EunYoung, -Work on ramping up your run cycle, and fixing the body as your character is…

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The jump is another very common type of animation to do for a character. Just as we did with previous animations, we will take the time to review each key pose in the animated jump before you actually do the animation with one of your characters. Here is a break down of those poses: