Kerala fish curry

Learn how to make authentic Kerala fish curry with our collection of mouth-watering recipes. Discover the secret ingredients and techniques to create a flavorful and aromatic dish that will transport you to the beautiful coastal region of Kerala.
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This Raw Mango Fish Curry is also called Alleppey Fish Curry and is a recipe from Kerala. Its flavours are distinctly spicy, tangy and sour which makes this recipe a flavour bomb. Use any first white fish or an oily fish. Fish can also be substituted with squid or prawns. For a vegetarian version, use a fleshy, meaty vegetable like eggplant.

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Hello everyone, Hope you all had a good weekend and started your week with full of energy.:) Have you ever tried Fish Tomato Curry? If not here is recipe for you to try… One of the most common recipe which mom makes several times a week is fish curry and we all in our family love […]

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This fiery Red Fish Curry is a staple Kerala dish. What makes it most unique and flavorful is the use of kudam puli, a sour type of tamarind also known as garcinia cambogia. It's what adds the irreplaceable smoky, savory flavor to this curry. Enjoy with matta rice or kappa (tapioca).

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