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I don't own all of the characters. Most of the credit goes to the creators of Hwarang and my friend who helped me create this story along with the summary below, @mint_potato ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ji Dwi x OC/Reader "It ached me to see him break your heart (Ha Eun / (Y/N))....I wanted to give up everything and be there for you... B-Because I love you..." "Aren't you suppose to marry me?" "Sisters always stick together, no matter what..." (Kim Ha Eun / Kim (Y/N))…

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hanbok traditional korean dress | One of the main characteristics in women's hanbok is the bell-shaped ... Korean Traditional Clothing, Korean Traditional Dress, Korean Dress, Korean Traditional, Traditional Korean Clothing, Korean Hanbok, Korean Dresses, Hanbok Traditional, Traditional Korean Dress

My Disney Princess Mulan is in great progress, and I hope I manage to finish her this weekend! ^^ In the meanwhile, here are some beautiful hanbok for you to see! Hanbok is the name for traditional korean clothes, for men and women. The picture above is an example of traditional-looking feminine hanbok. One of the main characteristics in women's hanbok is the bell-shaped skirt called chima. The small blouse or jacket worn over the chima is called jeogori. Another characteristic of the hanbok…

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What I took from “ The Royal Tailor” | by Rayyah Sempala | Medium People, Traditional Korean Clothing, Traditional Korean Dress, Korean Traditional Clothing, Korean Traditional Dress, Traditional Clothing Around The World, Traditional Clothes, Korean Traditional, Joseon Dynasty Clothing

“The Royal Tailor” written by Lee Byoung-hak is a South Korean movie based in the Joseon era, it follows the story of a tailor whose talent earns him a place in the palace. However the different…

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