Le Havre

Discover the charm of Le Havre with its stunning architecture, picturesque waterfront, and vibrant culture. Plan your visit to this coastal city and experience the best that Le Havre has to offer.
Discover the hidden gems of Le Havre, the beautiful coastal city in Normandy, France. From admiring the stunning architecture of the UNESCO World Heritage Site and exploring art collections at the various museums to enjoying the French cuisine with a view of the sea, Le Havre has it all. Check out our latest blog post to plan your perfect trip to Le Havre! Normandy, Travel, Safari, Europe, Europe Travel, Trip, Places To See, Havre, Beautiful Destinations

Le Havre is a port city located in the northwest region of France. After the heavy bombing of World War II, Le Havre was rebuilt with the help of the famous French architect Auguste Perret, who designed many of the city’s buildings. Today, the city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We chose Le Havre as our base for our 3-day road trip along the Coast of Normandy, as it’s closely located to a lot of beautiful places. In this blog post, we will be exploring the best things to do and see in Le…

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Like an impressionist painting, we seek to capture the sensorial impressions of visiting this city. Home of the great master Claude Monet (father of Impressionism), he described Le Havre as the best place to spend the whole day outdoors: kissed by the sun, enjoying the calm of the sea, running on the rocks, or splashing in the water as himself did when he was a little child. Its light and its magical atmosphere have inspired several masterpieces of the greatest artists of French…

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