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Take your leadership abilities to the next level with a practical and insightful notebook. Discover how a leadership notebook can help you organize your thoughts, set goals, and track your progress in becoming an effective leader.
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2021 update - download available as a bonus file within the Goal Getter Student Data Binder When I first started teaching at a Leader in Me school, students used Data Binders to track their academic and behavioral progress. That was seven years ago! Now, Leadership Notebooks have replaced Data Binders and I think I've finally wrapped my brain around how they are different. Frequency of Use Data Binders were basically kept at school and just shared with families during conferences as the…

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Something big is happening at our school this year! We are becoming a 7 Habits Leadership School. If you're not sure what this is, don't worry, I wasn't either, lol. Stephen Covey wrote the book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and Leader in Me is essentially the school/kid version of that book. As a school we won't start implementing the 7 Habits until next month but we have started using Leadership Notebooks regularly in place of our Data Notebooks. If you use a Data Notebook in…

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I've had such a love-hate relationship with data notebooks over the years. I've always worked in "Baldrige" schools that have required every teacher to have a data wall and every student to have a data notebook. My first few years in the classroom, this would be something that I spent my first week of school

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The end of June is approaching rapidly. This terrifies me a tiny bit because that means I need to start seriously thinking about moving my stuff into my new classroom and set it all up. I want to soak up summer as long as I can though. For those of you that are getting ready for the upcoming school year, I thought I would share a post that I originally posted on my own blog a few months ago. You can find it here. Or, you can just read it below :) *** Hi friends! I'm happy you're here to join…

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Wondering how to organize a notebook for work? organizing a notebook for work is one of the key things to do at work to be productive and organized at work. I have Work notebook organization tips and notebook for work ideas, with these notebook organization ideas for work setup a work notebook and know how to use a notebook for work work notebook for office is key to work organization. Use Bujo for work or bullet journal for work with these Work journal ideas and be organized and productive.

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