League of legends yasuo

Unleash the power of Yasuo in League of Legends with these expert tips, tricks, and builds. Dominate the battlefield and achieve victory with this high-skill champion.
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For the cinematic project of League of heroes, the concept poster of Kin of Stained Blade. Yasuo cleaned his sword in his inner cage, and The Phantom of Azkana rose behind his back... Lead artist: JUZHEN Concept sketches design by Nicolas Nemiri Concept drafts: Deng Hongbo, Ci yishu, Sun Wangshu, Art director: Zhang Bo

Али Никаалиев
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Huyy Nguyen: such an honor to have the opportunity to work on a new thematic skin line of League of Legends. Special thanks to the Art Director Mingchen Shen from West Studio to gave me this opportunity and helping me through the entire process, and big thanks to the League of Legends splash team for the all helpful feedback!

Dzikawa | Digital artist