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Superb picture and caption from @Jedipadmaster over on Twitter. “Don’t let Trump see this. He may think it’s real and nuke all the Lego factories around the world.” notes @Cvsportsguy over on Twitter. And let’s not forget this @jedipadmaster @alisdair73 @RiseGeeklings @jedikermit @bookgirl614 @DstrbdGrl — Daniel Da Vinci (@ddav) May 30, 2017 Source: Twitter/@jedipadmaster

Alla Zaykin
People Are Posting 2020 Versions Of Things, And Here Are The Best Ones Legos, Humour, Funny Stuff, Lego Sets, Lego, Lol, Amusing, Hilarious, Laugh

Wonderful. Magical. Lovely. All of these are words that totally do not describe 2020 for most of us. It’s been a long and exhausting uphill battle of a year. And even though we can see a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel (some would argue it’s a reflection from those brand new Covid-19 vaccines or the US presidential elections), it’ll take a while to get over what a disaster of a year we’ve had.

Dylan Zambrano