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Explore the world of books and knowledge with a lending library. Find out how you can borrow and share books with your community, expanding your reading horizons and connecting with fellow book lovers.
Create a My Little Free Library for your home! (vinyl added with the Silhouette)

This is my library, for my neighborhood, by my mailbox in the front yard. The idea is simple: you take a book or you can leave a book. My job as the stewardess is to keep it organized and stocked…

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Little Free Library book-sharing boxes come in all shapes and sizes, and we really do mean that! If you’re like us, you love seeing the latest crazy, cool, and thoughtful… Continue reading 57 Jaw-Dropping Little Free Libraries

Dayna Lynn Petry
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Show the joy of sharing books with your community by building your own Little Free Library. Our collection of 30 DIY little free library plans offers a range of styles to suit any personality and yard space. Engaging with neighbors and promoting literacy has never been easier or more rewarding. Craft a hub of knowledge and generosity that will leave a lasting legacy right outside your doorstep. Our step-by-step guide makes building a Little Free Library simple and fun. From selecting…

Rod King
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Is your home overflowing with books your kids have outgrown? Start a free children's library to share with neighbors! Make a library from a newspaper stand, bunny hutch, wash tub, dollhouse, old TVs and lots more. Check out these ideas to get you started.

Jade M

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