Line art projects

Explore the world of line art with these creative projects. From simple doodles to intricate designs, discover ideas to bring your drawings to life.
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Contour line is a big part of Art. Whether we are talking about form, perspective, eye level. Many artist use contour line as part of their main focus. See below. ARTIST MYRORNA SWEDEN Uses contour line, pattern, and objects to show form in her art. Karan Singh Art Dana Martin Art See objects in CONTOUR LINE Put them together in a Still LIfe. Image from From DaVinci Art Studio Using Contour line, cool/warm colors, primary, & secondary used for emphasis. From…

Karin Merritt
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Year 6 sketched the bones of these stylised and vertically-orientated landscapes in pencil and then traced over these with black textas before adding different repeating patterns in each section. The students used a combination of coloured pens, textas and pencils to achieve the textured appearance. This is a lesson I copied verbatim from Miriam at - it's one of my favourite blogs! I showed the children the work of Miriam's students on the other side of the world, which really…

Vicki Marshall
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I always like to start the year with a review of lines. Every grade level does a project that reintroduces all the different ways to make lines. By 4th and 5th grade, we are ready to turn those lines into something really amazing! These projects are partially inspired by the many "zentangle" lessons out there, but I don't actually teach the zentangle method. I have the students start with a line pattern and then fill it with doodles. We focused on contrast-making some areas dark, and some…

Ashley Tran