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INDIA | JAT two Dhaneta Jat girls, Kutch, Gujarat. The Dhanetas are the largest of the Jat clans. They live throughout north western Kutch and are mainly cattle herders. The Jat are related to the Roma, whose ancestors likely co-mingled with the Jat on their migration from Rajasthan to Europe. Ansel Adams, World Cultures, Kind Photo, Afghan Girl, Bhutan, Folk Costume, People Of The World, Indigenous Peoples, People Around The World

the jat - a hidden tribe in gujarat

The Jat - one of the hidden tribes in Gujarat (India). Dhaneta Jat girls. The Jats who live in Kutch are particularly conscious of their identity as a group and their sense of unity comes from a perception of shared historical traditions and a belief in common ancestry. Originally the Jats were herders who lived in an area called Half in Iran. Five hundred years ago these shepherds migrated from Half and came to Sindh and Kutch to search for new grazing lands. They crossed the Rann of Kutch…

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Green Wedding Inspirations: Sustainable Celebrations

Discover a collection of sustainable and eco-friendly wedding ideas that will help you celebrate your love while caring for the planet. From biodegradable confetti and locally sourced food to thrifted decor and digital invitations, these green alternatives ensure your special day is not only unforgettable but also environmentally conscious. Let’s make your wedding day beautifully green! #EcoFriendlyWedding #SustainableLiving #GreenWedding #EcoChic #SustainableWeddingTips

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