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Escape into the enchanting realm of Loki with our collection of captivating imagines. Immerse yourself in thrilling adventures and explore the mischievous side of this beloved Marvel character.
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Just some random stories/dabbles/preferences from a fan of the God of Mischief, and the actor who brought him to life. ;) Mostly fluff; no smut; vote, comment, enjoy! Credit for the photo I used for the cover goes to the original owner. All Marvel characters/names/titles are not mine.

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(currently in the process of updating and posting regularly lmao, excuse any of my dramatics you may come across) marvel meme book because yes. none of the memes posted here are mine, they're all from pinterest. since these are from pinterest the magnifying glass thingy will be in the corner for the first couple of chapters but my dumbaśs figures it out i promise lmfao --------------------------------------------------- best rankings (that should've never happened tbh) #1 in Marvel #1 in…

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