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Master the art of training and battling with Lucario, a formidable Pokemon. Learn how to optimize its abilities, discover its hidden potential, and dominate your opponents in epic battles.
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Rota's First Female Knight | Sir Aaron x Reader [Pokémon] - || Chapter 6.5 ||

"Girls can't become knights!" Proving them wrong was your goal ever since you were a child, and finally, you had your opportunity. Sir Aaron - one of the most talented knights in the kingdom - becomes your mentor, and soon enough, your Lover. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 『 Pokémon/Medieval Times AU 』 【Highest ranking: #1 on Pokemon 】 【Started: February 12th 2017】 【Finished: September 30th 2017】 【Re-Written: April 25th 2018】 【Finished: ______________】

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Lucario (Japanese: ルカリオ, Hepburn: Rukario) (loo-CAR-ee-oh[1]) is a Fighting/Steel-type Pokémon introduced in Generation IV. Lucario is a bipedal dog/wolf/jackal-like Pokémon, with a few raccoon-like characteristics as well. Though it is similar in appearance to Riolu, Lucario has some notable differences, such as having redder eyes. Its fore-paws are black and it has large pointed spikes in place of the oval shaped bumps on Riolu. There is also a third spike protruding in the middle of its…

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Mega Lucario - Pokemon X and Y - The PokeMasters - Pokémon Community

When Lucario Mega Evolves, it becomes Mega Lucario. This Pokémon becomes even larger than it was before it Mega Evolved. Black patterns creep up and around Mega Lucario's arms and legs—marks left behind by the heightened aura energy that thrums throughout its body.

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