Making a router table

Learn how to make your own router table with these essential tips. Enhance your woodworking skills and create precise cuts with a custom-built router table.
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If woodworking is your passion, you're likely familiar with the utility and importance of a router table. Building your own DIY router table can be a rewarding and cost-saving effort. With these 25 free DIY router table plans, you'll have everything you need to construct a variety of router tables tailored to your projects. These free router table plans are easy to follow and suited for all skill levels, enabling you to build everything from a basic benchtop to a sophisticated…

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Benchtop Router Table Woodworking Plan Why this project belongs in your shop You can put it together in a weekend for less than $100 plus the cost of your own wood. Its fence adjusts in a flash and locks into T-slotted mini-tracks with the quick twist of two knobs. A mini-track built into the fence makes for lightening-fast and solid positioning of homemade feather boards and a bit guard. Insert-plate levelers ensure a perfectly aligned tabletop. The built-in dust-collection port keeps…

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Everything you’d want in a router table for just $50 and a long weekend in your shop. Commercially made router tables are everywhere these days. Some of them come with more gizmos and gadgets than a ’59 Edsel. By the time you tally up all the add-ons, the price approaches a medium-duty shaper. Here’s my short list of “