Mandala on wall

Transform your walls with stunning mandala art. Discover top ideas for incorporating mandalas into your home decor and create a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere.
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Mandala in Half Wall Sticker, Wall Decal, Decor, Boho, Hippie, Zen, Indian, Removable Vinyl Sticker for Meditation, Yoga, Wall Art 122 MADE FROM QUALITY MATERIAL: These stickers are cut from eco-friendly and quality matt German Orafol brand film with a 5-year guaranteed life. No lines, waves, creases, or bubbles ever after you’ve applied the sticker. The decal is waterproof and will not fade in the sun. APPLICATION TAPE ALREADY APPLIED: The application tape has already been applied and it…

Rajesh Dubey
Pointillism Mandala by Bobylly

Pointillism in paintings, is the equivalent of stippling in drawings. If you don't know what stippling is, the line above is of no help whatsoever. Both apply dots to create images one using paint whilst the other one ink. Unlike a lot of the drawings we have seen in the past on DesignStack, where the dots are spaced in clusters to mimic shading and outlines; this painting style uses dots placed in a very geometric, equidistant and orderly fashion. Order really is the central pillar of…

Jean Rozell