Start your musical journey with the mandolin. Discover beginner-friendly tips, techniques, and resources to help you master this beautiful instrument and create enchanting melodies.
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HA – Mandolin HA Mandolin is a A-style mandolin thought for bluegrass and folk music. HA means Half-Archtop, a particular design featuring a carved archtop soundboard and a flat back providing a sound that is that of an archtop mandolin but with a gentle touch of classical. Carved spruce soundboard with falcate bracing HA mandolin is… Read More »HA Mandolin

Kevin Fiedler
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100 Year Old Restoration :: Lyon & Healy Bowl Back Mandolin [1.3 lbs] Whew! Finally finished up this ~100 year old mandolin restoration a couple weeks ago. Let's see ... neck & fingerboard reglue, missing soundhole pieces, cracked / loose top bracing, loose back ribs, new inlayed pi

Eddie Erika Guerrero Castro

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