Maple tree landscape

Transform your outdoor space with stunning maple tree landscape ideas. Create a picturesque and vibrant setting with these top ideas for incorporating maple trees into your landscape design.
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Best Japanese Maples for Sun

All Japanese maples are tolerant of part shade conditions. Like Dogwoods and Redbuds, they evolved to grow happily at the edge of the forest as small trees. Their undeniable beauty leads many people to want to plant them as a focal point or specimen tree, often in full sun.&n

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How to use Japanese Maples in the landscape

Japanese Maples are not native to North America but they are becoming more and more common understory trees in our landscapes. Learn where and how to plant them in landscapes big and small. They are used primarily for their stunning beauty in the woodland garden and are available in a wide variety o

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13 Beautiful Species of Maple Trees

Many people choose to plant maples because they work well as shade, stray trees, and specimens. Maple trees are known for their fall colors; many species display oranges, browns, yellows, and reds each year. Some trees can have leaves with many of these colors at the same time. Another desirable feature is the ability of many edges to tolerate drought.

Q: My neighbor is planting a trident maple in his yard. Isn’t that the same thing as a red maple? Red Maple Tree Landscaping, Maple Tree Landscape, Trees For Front Yard, Red Maple Tree, Street Trees, Perennial Border, Missouri Botanical Garden, Red Maple, Ornamental Trees

Q: My neighbor is planting a trident maple in his yard. Isn’t that the same thing as a red maple?

A: No, the two maples are different species. The red maple is Acer rubrum while the Trident maple is Acer buergeranum. Notice the first name, which is the genus, is the same as this identifies all maples. However, the last name, which identifies the species, is quite different. They are both deciduous, tolerate occasional dampness…

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