Marinated tilapia

Elevate your seafood cooking with these mouthwatering marinated tilapia recipes. Discover new flavors and techniques to create a memorable meal for your family and friends.
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I marinated tilapia in a citrus dill marinade which gave a nice flavor to the baked fish. As prepared, this recipe yields 4 servings at approximately 250 calories per serving. As prepared this fish would be a compliment served with steamed rice and fresh vegetables. Enjoy! Citrus Marinated Tilapia 3/4 cup orange juice concentrate 3 Tablespoons honey 1 Tablespoon olive oil zest of 1 orange 1/2 teaspoon clove garlic 1 Tablespoon fresh dill 4 fillets of tilapia Combine the orange juice…

Lorna Groundwater