Matcha drink recipes

Discover a variety of delicious matcha drink recipes to satisfy your cravings and add a refreshing twist to your day. From matcha lattes to matcha smoothies, explore the best ways to enjoy this vibrant green tea.
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This layered matcha latte is a lightly sweet beverage you're going to want to sip all morning long. Muddled strawberries are topped with a thick coconut cream layer and freshly-made matcha tea. The flavor of earthy matcha complemented by sweet strawberry is heavenly. Looking for more caffeinated beverages? Try this Mint Mojito Iced Coffee or this Strawberry Coconut Milk.

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This whipped dalgona matcha recipe is a tasty take on the popular dalgona coffee trend. You can customize the base using dairy or non-dairy choices and it is very easy and simple to make. Dalgona matcha will take your afternoon drink break to the next level! Plus, it looks pretty too!

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