Matchbox art

Explore the world of matchbox art and get inspired by these creative and captivating ideas. Discover how artists transform ordinary matchboxes into miniature works of art.
Art in the size of matchboxes – HYPEANDHYPER Vintage, Studio Ghibli, Manga, Art, Vintage Posters, Design, Rare Antique, Antique Maps, Vintage Graphics

We surround ourselves with many kinds of objects in our busy everyday life. There are some that are necessary, some with great memories attached to them, and some that we pile up like collections, as a hobby. Just like Australian Nicholas Kissajukian, who collects matchbox labels for a hobby. Nicholas Kissajukian started to immerse in the world of phillumeny, the hobby of collecting different match-related items five years ago, after he stumbled across an antiques auction offering a matchbox…

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