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Boost your math skills with these top tips and tricks for mastering math facts. Learn how to improve your speed and accuracy in a fun and engaging way.
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We are taking a slight detour on our current focus on subtraction to let you know that we have just listed a new pack of addition games to help students become familiar with addition facts. These 5 games will help your sweet friends practice single digit addition, with fluency, from 0+1 to 9+9. Students begin fact fluency memorization when they have mastered strategies for addition. These games are brightly colored for engagment, require no cutting - print, laminate if desired and you are…

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With the rise of educational pages, it has become obvious that social media has so much more to offer than fakery that destroys people’s mental health and irrational obsession with looks. Accounts with random facts and trivia, cool historical photos and ‘did you know that?’ interesting stories seem to be popping up everywhere right now, because the demand is big. You see, it seems like people really want to get something useful out of their feeds.

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