Mermaid tail drawing

Learn how to draw a stunning mermaid tail with our step-by-step guide. Create your own magical underwater world with these simple drawing techniques.
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f you've ever wanted to learn how to draw a mermaid tail, you're in luck! In this tutorial, we'll walk you through the steps required to create your very own mermaid tail masterpiece. So grab some paper and a pencil (or your iPad), and let's get started!

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My friends Jonny and Lacey Rojas, made an artistic request from me not long ago. Rather than a traditional wedding guest book at their reception they wanted to have all their guests sign a guitar to later be displayed in their home. Jonny is a musician hence the guitar, and Lacey loves the ocean and has a fondness for mermaids so... they wanted me to paint or draw a mermaid on their guitar. I took on the challenge, and rather than reinventing the wheel on this, I did my research to see what…

Sabina Chorley